Why Nintex for Workflow Automation?

We Give People Power Over Processes

We Give People Power Over Processes

People matter. They design our buildings. They run our factories. They start new businesses. They heal us. They help us. They teach us. And they know a lot about how to improve their work. Nintex puts the power to do so in the hands of the people who best understand their processes. From newcomers to seasoned workflow professionals, everyone can benefit from Nintex’s workflow automation platform.

Workflow participation must be painless if it’s to be successful. Nintex brings the work to you instead of making you learn yet one more system or requiring that you click on yet another link. We integrate your workflows with the social media, instant messaging programs, content, email and applications you already use.

Nintex Processes

Processes Made Easy, Not Simple

Customers appreciate that our platform’s drag-and-drop workflow designer saves valuable IT staff time. Nintex achieves this by focusing on being easy (reducing steps) rather than by being simple (reducing choices). It’s how our platform is powerful enough for elaborate enterprise work but approachable enough for everyday departmental work at the same time.

Nintex Content

Content in Any Form, in Any Place

Nintex knows your content lives in many places, and in many formats. We know you use many apps from many vendors in the cloud and in your data center. It’s not enough for integration to be possible; it must be practical. Benefit from the seamless integration of all of your data and documents.

Global Leaders

More than 5,000 public and private organizations in 90 countries benefit from the Nintex platform.

Nintex customers, including 200 of the Fortune 500, appreciate the ease of automating their workflows. These dynamic global leaders, representing a wide range of crucial industries, run millions of Nintex workflows daily, and trust Nintex to keep their work flowing.

They tell us that workflow solutions based on our platform help them save time and money that they can devote to their most critical projects.

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Prized Partners

We wouldn’t be the world leader in workflow without the strength of our global network of partners.

Our partners provide expertise in industries, business cultures and languages. They are a local resource for customers in every sense of the word, and are committed to customers’ success. We rave about the innovative workflow solutions that our partners develop and deliver to customers with the Nintex platform.

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We’re always looking to partner with bright, inventive companies that share our desire to exceed customers’ expectations. And we’re delighted that our partners praise the opportunities, tools and support provided by the Nintex Partner Network.

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Customer Evidence

When measuring success, it boils down to numbers. Workflow solutions save time, boost productivity and decrease costs.

Organizations that automate workflows are more efficient, more effective and more engaged with customers because they’re not slowed down by manual, paper-based processes.

Customers tell us that they’re up and running quickly with our products, and building multiple workflows faster than any other solution out there. They’re realizing fast return on investment and are eager to find new processes that can benefit from automation.

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Awards and Recognition

We’re proud to be honored and awarded for our innovation, leadership and business practices.

Respected industry leaders have recognized our company and products. Gartner considers us a cool vendor. Forrester Research found we’re the No. 1 third-party add-on for SharePoint. We won several awards at the 2014 SharePoint Conference App Awards, including the People’s Choice Award for Nintex Workflow for Office 365.

For four consecutive years, Microsoft has named Nintex as a finalist in its annual Partner of the Year Awards. By selecting Nintex out of almost 3,000 nominations in 2014, Microsoft encourages customers to consider how the Nintex platform can improve their work.

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Workflow Examples by Department

Explore our workflow automation examples to get an idea of how we can help you quickly and easily automate your adhoc, everyday processes.

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