Why Choose Workflow Automation?

Shrinking World, Growing Expectations

No Process Should Be Left Behind

To build the most efficient business possible, many organizations go big and try to simplify the most complex, most critical processes they can identify. More often than not, these require a BPM solutions that takes a lot of time, talent, and cost to develop and get right. By focusing solely on the big processes, organizations overlook smaller, everyday tasks that are equally important to creating and sustaining a thriving business. Our software and cloud services allow organizations to quickly and easily automate day-to-day business processes using clicks rather than code. We integrate with SharePoint, Office 365 and a host of other platforms.

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Problem Owners Should Be Solution Owners

The closer the solution is to its actual owner, the better. A lot of “everyday” processes will never be owned by the constrained IT team. Tools that are within the grasp of the people who own the problems are crucial.

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“Easy” Is Hard – but It’s Worth It

“Easy”, to us, means “fewest steps and/or least time possible” – but not with restrictions. Workflow automation is a skill that should be distributed widely; some people will master it, whereas others will dabble in it – but everyone will come to recognize it as valuable. Every process you automate can help save time, improve compliance, reduce risk, increase satisfaction and eliminate errors.

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Get the Best Work Out of Your People

If you want to get the best work out of your people, you need to give them every tool it takes to be productive. Process solutions should surface in the places your people already work: team sites, email, instant messaging, social media, content stores, phone/tablet apps. Give your team access to content from everywhere. Make it easier for your employees to collaborate. Keep your people productive when they’re not behind their desks.

It’s Not Just One Process at a Time

Automating and managing the flow of work through organizations, designers, and participants is what Nintex is about. Nintex gives more people the power to design and manage their own workflows. Processes are assets, and deserve to be treated accordingly. Nintex believes that modeling them, trying them out, and improving them is a very good idea. Customers use us for “BPM-like” solutions every day.

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