Streamline Leave Requests With Nintex

With Nintex, organizations can efficiently approve a high volume of leave requests, cover workers on leave, and keep accurate HR records


Paper-based, manual leave requests cause administrative overhead, and risk regulatory noncompliance and lost productivity because of unscheduled absences.

  • Approval delays and dissatisfied employees
  • Poor visibility of employee leave hinders efforts to manage teams and task schedules
  • Leave request protocol is difficult to enforce, and mismanagement of leave requests can result in costly litigation
  • Inaccurate tracking of leave leads to excess compensation Reduce administrative overhead


Nintex enables compliance with HR policy, availability of sufficient resources for business to run smoothly when employees are on leave, and improved employee satisfaction.

  • Schedule alerts and LazyApproval feature to expedite approvals
  • Centralized calendar maintains team members’ leave approvals and schedules
  • Automated processes minimize personnel involvement, provide real-time status for employees and ensure strict adherence to HR protocols
  • Nintex can integrate with HRIS and payroll systems to automate time-off adjustments

What’s the Risk?

A manual leave request process results in approval delays, inadequate workforce coverage and inaccurate leave time tracking, leading to excessive payroll.

30 Billion

Average annual loss to organizations as a result of excessive payroll


Direct cost of paid time off for full-time employees in 2013


Average unearned days off granted per employee per year

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
“Total Financial Impact of Employee Absences Survey”; Nucleus Research - “Leave Management.
Cutting labor costs.” (July 2011)

Benefits of Automating Leave Requests With Nintex

Expedite Approvals
Expedite Approvals
Enforce Policy Compliance
Enforce Policy Compliance
Reduce Administrative Overhead
Reduce Administrative Overhead
Improve Payroll Accuracy
Improve Payroll Accuracy
Ensure Leave Coverage
Ensure Leave Coverage
Provide At-a-glance Calendars
Provide At-a-glance Calendars

Automated Leave Request Management With Nintex

We are well on the way to making sure knowledge is captured, processes are automated with an eye on long-term benefits, and our employees are actively part of defining these processes for better collaboration and efficiency.

Oliver Böhmer
Bender Group

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council in New Zealand to easily coordinate vacation, sick leave and other business requests, saving the organization more than 300 hours in personnel time per year.

Nintex technologies have made my life easier. You can certainly do more for less with Nintex, that’s for sure.

Anthony Gouder
Business Improvement Analyst
Hawkes Bay Regional Council