Sales and Marketing Workflow Examples

Automate Your Most Common Sales and Marketing Processes

Effectively marketing and successfully selling products or services are critical to the longevity of any organization. Speed up and streamline your most common sales and marketing processes, including sales lifecycle management, reseller onboarding and brand asset management.

  • Sales opportunity management
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Campaign approval process
  • Sales account provisioning
  • Sales order processing
  • Product management

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Sales Opportunity Management

When a company generates hundreds of sales leads in a year, it's important that the sales team follows up on sales leads and doesn't miss any leads. By automating the sales opportunity management process, sales teams can collaborate from wherever they are, with auto notifications letting them know when to make follow-up calls, provide sales proposals, approve fee exceptions and issue invoices.

Benefits Realized
  • Standard sales site layout
  • Required sales security requirements
  • Automated lead follow-up notifications to account representatives 

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Marketing Campaign Management

Managing marketing campaigns from campaign inception to final requires coordinating multiple approval layers and multiple stakeholders, such as brand management, market research, sales, supply chain management, warehouses, advertising, PR, and media agencies. By automating many aspects of the marketing campaign development such as press releases or digital marketing assets, consumer packaging design and copy, marketing managers can avoid versioning issues and obtain necessary approvals through automated requests to the stakeholders.

Benefits Realized
  • Get to market faster with marketing campaigns
  • Visibility into approval process
  • Ability for approvers to comment on draft marketing assets via mobile devices
  • Access assets via third-party document repositories, such as Dropbox

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Sales Account Provisioning

When the sales team acquires a new customer or a prospect, it's important for all the teams involved in taking care of the customer to provide a consistent and positive experience. Automating the provisioning process means that these teams, including invoice processing, sales and contract renewals, are automatically notified of the steps to follow with a customer. 

Benefits Realized
  • Faster processing of customer sales
  • Consistent customer experience
  • Auto-notification of departments for sales follow up activities
  • Improved customer satisfaction

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Workflow Examples by Department

Explore our workflow automation examples to get an idea of how we can help you quickly and easily automate your adhoc, everyday processes.