Information Technology (IT) Workflow Examples

Automate Your Most Common Information Technology (IT) Processes:

Information Technology

  • IT help desk service requests
  • User account provisioning
  • SharePoint site collection management
  • Hardware and software provisioning
  • Hardware maintenance and upgrades

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IT Help Desk Service Requests 

Productivity in an organization is significantly impacted when employees face a technology challenge, whether it's a desktop OS issue or a network connection problem. The success of an IT help desk is frequently measured by the speed and quality of its service request management. Automating help desk service requests, including the escalation of requests to appropriate parties, can help the IT team deliver optimal service to the lines of business. 

Benefits Realized
  • Faster processing of help desk requests
  • Customized reports
  • Better user experience
  • Easy escalation
  • Improved insights into user feedback
  • LazyApproval for on-the-go updates

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User Account Provisioning

Whether an employee is onboarding or offboarding at a company, the IT team follows a standard set of steps to provision or de-provision a user with a company network account. Automating this process can speed up the set-up or deletion of user accounts for employees who are joining or leaving an organization.

Benefits Realized
  • More efficient account provisioning
  • Faster troubleshooting processing
  • Automatic notification to users for first-level troubleshooting
  • Faster onboarding of new employees

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SharePoint Site Collection Management

Multiple employees from various lines of business in an organization request that IT build and manage SharePoint sites. SharePoint administrators must efficiently prioritize these requests, resource the SharePoint servers and manage the associated workflows. Automating the SharePoint site process is an efficient way to manage site collection.

Benefits Realized
  • Faster site collection management
  • Satisfied end users
  • Visibility into site collection request processes
  • Improved SharePoint administration
  • More efficient management of user permissions

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Workflow Examples by Department

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