Human Resources (HR) Workflow Examples

Automate Your Most Common HR Processes:

Automate Your Most Common HR Processes

  • Leave requests
  • Employee onboarding and offboarding
  • Training
  • Annual performance reviews
  • Succession planning
  • Complaints handling
  • Travel requests

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Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

Onboarding new employees is often a time-consuming process involving multiple steps, including approving salaries, signing contracts, provisioning IT systems and training new hires. Companies that streamline this process are more likely to secure the best candidates, and ensure that new employees are operational and effective as quickly as possible. Likewise, you can easily automate the employee offboarding process.

Benefits Realized
  • Faster start time from point of offer
  • Reduced risk of losing a prospective employee to a competitive offer
  • Increased candidate satisfaction
  • Reduced time and costs associated with onboarding and offboarding

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Annual Performance Reviews

Performance reviews can be a time-consuming and onerous process for both employees and managers. Managers must follow up with team members to get reviews in on time and file them securely. Employees must remember when reviews are due, fill in complex templates and send attachments by email. Automating the review process gives everyone increased visibility of review status. With Nintex Mobile, employees can complete reviews from anywhere, any time, using simple browser-based or mobile forms.

Benefits Realized
  • Faster completion of reviews
  • Guaranteed compliance with corporate and HR policies
  • Easy tracking of progress
  • Complete visibility into all aspects of the review cycle
  • Auto notification of steps completed in review process
  • Automatic, secure filing of documents

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Travel Requests

As organizations grow, more employees submit travel requests, and this challenges HR's time and resources. Who is handling executive travel vs. sales team travel? Who is handling domestic vs. international travel? Human resources may struggle with tracking requests and with ensuring that all levels of the organization abide by its travel policies. By automating this process, human resources gains better visibility into why employees are traveling, which documents they've submitted, who has reviewed what, and when travel requests can be closed as complete.

Benefits Realized
  • Streamlined process that can involve multiple stakeholders
  • Guaranteed compliance with corporate and HR policies
  • Easy tracking of progress
  • Visibility into steps followed and stakeholders involved in travel request process

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