Finance & Administration Workflow Examples

Automate Your Most Common Finance and Administration Processes

  • Expense approvals
  • Bank account management
  • Loan approvals
  • Invoice processing
  • Accounts Receivable/ Payable
  • Governance and compliance
  • Legal documentation and processing
  • Pre-trade clearance

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Expense Approvals

When employees submit their expenses for their manager to approve and for the accounting team to process, they often feel like they lose visibility of what happens next in the process. Their biggest question is when they'll be reimbursed for their expenses. A more predictable and efficient process can benefit everyone. By automating the expense approval process, you eliminate version control problems caused by spreadsheets floating from one department to another.

Benefits Realized
  • More predictable, efficient process
  • Reduction in incorrect data inputted for expense approvals
  • Expedited expense approvals
  • Improved employee satisfaction because of faster response times
  • Guaranteed compliance with company policies

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Pre-trade Clearance

Banks and securities firms have had to set stricter internal process controls before allowing stock trades for customers to be activated. As part of Section 302 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the Securities and Exchange Commission occasionally audits small and large securities exchange firms to ensure that they are following SEC rules and regulations, and not making illegal stock trades. Automating that process can expedite customer trades, ensure legal compliance and satisfy the firm's customers by providing efficient trading. 

Benefits Realized
  • Reduced human error in data input for trade transactions and approvals
  • Expedited securities approvals that once left a difficult-to-track paper trail
  • Increased customer satisfaction, with faster responses to trade requests
  • Guaranteed compliance with SEC policies
  • Increased visibility and control

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Invoice Processing

Invoices need to be processed quickly and accurately so that companies are paid in a timely manner for goods and services. Manual processes can result in delayed company cashflows and payments. By automating this process, stakeholders involved in the invoice development and approval process can approve invoices using automatic notifications and accurately input data into each invoice. Invoices can move through the approval process without a paper trail from desk to desk.

Benefits Realized
  • Reduced time and cost in invoice processing
  • Increased productivity for employees
  • Common online environment for staff and employees
  • Reduced human error in data input for invoices

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