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Public Administration Boosts Automation, Improving Productivity and Public Service

The Public Administration of the Principality of Liechtenstein sought to automate certain business processes to be more responsive to the public, increase employee productivity, and conserve financial resources. The Public Administration invested in Nintex Workflow and dox42 document automation to address those needs. It now has a flexible, affordable business process–automation solution that it is using to effectively streamline operations.

Business Needs

The country’s Specialized Unit for e-Government seeks opportunities to benefit from process automation on an ongoing basis. For example, the Public Administration uses a standardized public-sector electronic form service called AFS, from aforms2web, across all its departments. But even when internal or external clients of the Public Administration filled out requests using AFS, the employees who fulfilled the requests had to manually copy and paste the forms’ information into various documents or systems, introducing the possibility for error, slowing down service, and hampering staff productivity.

“We knew automating more of our processes—even those that are used less often—would improve our productivity and service to citizens, businesses in Liechtenstein, and international authorities while reducing costs,” explains Sven Lässer, Head of the Specialized Unit for e-Government for the Public Administration of the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Applying the Right Solution

After reviewing several software products, the Public Administration made the strategic decision to build upon Nintex Workflow and dox42 for defined automation scenarios. Implementing both would make it easy to automate every step of a given business process with Nintex Workflow and enhance that process by using dox42 to pull in data from various sources and automatically produce documents in a chosen format, which are then delivered via email or other designated channels, such as the Administration's official delivery service. A proof of concept—which dealt with several real-world processes—ensured that the solution would meet the administration's needs. It demonstrated how Nintex Workflow can be used to easily create an automated business process including automatic document generation and delivery of governmental documents through dox42. Impressed with the products' joint performance, the Public Administration formally adopted dox42 and Nintex Workflow.

"We saw that Nintex Workflow and dox42 fully met our requirements," recalls Lässer. "Both have a clear, focused functionality and an extensible architecture that allows for using them in versatile scenarios, sort of like software building blocks. This flexibility, plus the easy integration with AFS and Microsoft Office was exactly what we needed for the targeted automation scenarios."

Part of the administration's technology philosophy includes relying on service partners for some development. However, its employees make minor adjustments themselves using Nintex workflow designer and the dox42 Word Add-In. They are pleased that they can make those changes without needing any training or outside assistance.

The Public Administration has automated multiple business processes and the creation of a huge amount of different documents, and it continues to approve automation of new processes for greatest impact.

What We Gained

The Public Administration of the Principality of Liechtenstein now has the technology to easily create and adjust automated workflows to accommodate changing business processes and regulations. As a result, the Public Administration's employees are more efficient and more responsive to the public.

  • Greater Responsiveness – Citizens and businesses do not have to wait to receive governmental documents because submitted forms can instantly be turned into official licenses, receipts, or permits, without the manual cutting and pasting that was previously required. When approvals are necessary, the workflow automatically routes the information through the proper channels.

    "I think citizens have greater confidence in the Public Administration when we accelerate processes to be more responsive to their needs," says Lässer.

  • Increased Accuracy – In the past, human error could cause delays in processes, but the integration of Nintex and dox42 with AFS diminishes the risk of error.

    "Any time employees have to manually transfer information, mistakes can happen," says Lässer. "By using Nintex Workflow and dox42, we're minimizing errors and getting accurate information out more quickly. Plus, our employees are freed from cumbersome repetitive copy-and-paste tasks."

  • Smart Use of Financial Resources - With employees more efficient, they no longer require overtime pay to get their work done. Also, the Specialized Unit for e-Government conducted an analysis of its return on investment for each automated process and found that its tools pay for themselves in as little as six months.

    “The more processes we automate, the greater the value we get from Nintex Workflow and dox42,” comments Lässer.

  • Flexibility – The Specialized Unit for e-Government greatly appreciates its ability to extend automation step by step.

    "We can continuously evolve because Nintex Workflow, the SharePoint platform and dox42 allow us to adapt to changing requirements and needs without additional investment. Also the high acceptance by employees provides a promising basis for further process automation," says Lässer. "The tools can be used for various kinds of processes, including a range of selfservice processes for our clients, which means we'll be able to put them to good use for years to come."

We are being responsible stewards of taxpayer funds by basing our business processes on cost-effective, flexible, integrated tools such as Nintex Workflow and dox42.

Sven Lässer
Head of the Specialized Unit for e-Government
Public Administration of the Principality of Liechtenstein

Principality Liechtenstein
Principality of Liechtenstein
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Business Situation
The Public Administration of the Principality of Liechtenstein sought to improve service and increase employee efficiency while driving down costs by automating various business processes throughout its departments.
The Public Administration chose to implement an integrated software solution comprising Nintex Workflow to automate its manual processes and dox42 to automatically generate documents.
  • Greater responsiveness
  • Increased accuracy
  • Smart use of financial resources
  • Flexibility

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