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How Streamlining Complex Processes Significantly Improves Level of Service to the Community

As every firefighter knows, resolving a dangerous situation depends on being able to do the right thing, at the right time. That same theory holds true for administrative offices as well, as the headquarters of the New Zealand Fire Service (NZFS) found out. Manual processes were in need of an overhaul to improve productivity, accuracy, and efficiency. "Our system was very siloed," says Lesley Jones, Senior Business Analyst and Project Manager at NZFS." At that point, exploring workflow automation had become both a necessity and a priority."

The New Zealand Fire Service comprises 450 stations and up to 8,000 full-time and volunteer staff who work to protect and serve communities throughout New Zealand. The organization responds to emergencies and dedicates a significant amount of resources to preventing fires through education programs, community outreach efforts, and working with building owners. To resolve workflow issues, NZFS implemented Nintex Workflow, and significantly improved its ability to manage, share, organize, and access life-saving information.

Manual Processes Slowed Approvals

The organization relied upon paper-based processes that had become essential to the operation of NZFS. Management of critical information was an issue due to the fact that documents and essential data were being routed by hand for input and approvals, then stored by a variety of people on a wide range of network drives, on computers and in physical locations.

"There was a lack of information flow between people and processes," says Jones. "Valuable information could be missed, and often, we could not confirm that the data we had was the most current." Gaining approvals also needed optimization. According to Jones, "We couldn't guarantee that the correct person approved final documents, or that the documents we had were the final, approved versions." NZFS knew it needed to find a solution to address the duplication of information, inefficient processes, and errors caused by using outdated documents.

Custom Workflows Eliminate Complexity

To resolve these issues, NZFS partnered with Provoke Solutions, a world leader in online development, cloud strategy execution, and user experience design. NZFS and Provoke implemented a solution based upon Nintex Workflow for SharePoint, a workflow designer that enhances business processes and offers fast ROI.

With Nintex, NZFS has the power to automate highly complex, time-consuming workflows. Says Jones, "We have very complex processes. One of the things I like best about Nintex is how configurable it is."

Nintex integrates with SharePoint, enabling all employees to go to a central repository to access any task that requires action. By creating highly structured, customized workflows, NZFS tightly controls document and task organization, approvals, regulatory compliance, accuracy, accessibility, and deadline delivery.

According to Jones, Nintex delivers the ability to streamline everyday tasks significantly. "Now action tasks are delivered to employees through email, and they can go to just one place to get any document or instructions they need. They don't have to jump on different network drives to try to track things down. Everything they need is delivered to them directly."

Elevating The Standard Of Fire Mitigation Services

By streamlining complex processes and providing a highly organized central workflow system, Nintex Workflow has enabled NZFS to enhance the level of service they deliver to the community."

Improving accuracy, accountability, and compliance in the fire investigation process, Nintex has also increased efficiency in the assignment and execution of action plans. Most important however, it has had an impact on overall fire safety.

"Using Nintex Workflow has greatly improved our reputation with other government agencies. The standard of the reports that we're producing now, and the level of fire mitigation is so much higher than it was previously. Not only are we delivering a better level of service, we are able to now set baselines that allow us to quantify and measure certain service levels for the first time," says Jones.

We have very complex processes. One of the things I like best about Nintex is how configurable it is.

Lesley Jones
Senior Business Analyst & Project Manager
New Zealand Fire Service

NZ Fire Service Operations
New Zealand Fire Service (NZFS)
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Public Safety
Business Situation
Manual processes were miring the New Zealand Fire Service's projects, reporting, and operations in errors and delays.
Nintex Workflow for SharePoint enabled the organization to automate workflows, increase accuracy, and improve service across the country.
  • Better accountability
  • Elevated quality of fire investigations
  • Improved regulatory compliance

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