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DMS Health Eliminates Delays and Data Input Errors with Nintex Workflow

Jeff Bladow, Systems Analyst at DMS Health Technologies, knew that his company's core business processes were being slowed significantly due to lack of automation. Bladow and his colleagues knew DMS needed to make some important workflow changes in order to speed processes.

Founded in 1972 and headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota, DMS Health Technologies provides medical equipment and diagnostic imaging services to the healthcare industry. DMS is a distributor of Philips Healthcare diagnostic imaging equipment and patient monitoring equipment in the upper Midwest, and sells associated supplies and accessories nationwide. In addition, DMS provides mobile, interim, and fixed-site diagnostic imaging solutions, such as MRI, CT, PET/CT, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound, Cardiac/Angio, Bone Densitometry and Digital Mammography, across the United States.

Manual Processes Caused Delays and Errors

DMS have been struggling for some time with paper-based processes that were creating delays in productivity. Says Bladow, "Our paper-based processes related to core business functions like HR, inventory management, accounting, and scheduling were really outdated, and we were noticing delays at nearly every touchpoint."

Getting approvals for large capital expenditures took weeks, and stakeholders were never completely certain that they were each getting consistent, accurate information upon which to base assessments and approvals. Confidential patient data was being circulated via fax and input manually into the DMS database, often causing manual data input errors that had to be corrected later. Paper-based processes for tracking assets and inventory were cumbersome, and often resulted in delays and inaccuracies.

Finding a "right-fit" workflow solution had not been an easy process for DMS. Previously, the company had tried automating processes using Microsoft SharePoint Designer, but according to Bladow, found it difficult to use and cumbersome. "It became so frustrating that we really just gave up trying to work with it," he says. DMS needed an easy-to-use workflow solution that would securely automate paper-based processes, save time, and reduce or eliminate data input errors. It found what it was looking for in Nintex Workflow.

Eliminating Paper, Improving Productivity

DMS worked with solution provider Nexus Innovations, a provider of strategic solutions for organizations with complex business and technical needs. Its clients include energy, industry, education, healthcare, and the public sector.

Nexus and DMS deployed Nintex Workflow, a powerful, easy-to-use workflow designer that improves business processes, and delivers a rapid return on investment. Empowering users with easy-yet-powerful tools, Nintex Workflow lets users monitor, manage, and reuse workflows everywhere, and helps model and improve processes, regardless of their complexity. It integrates seamlessly with other systems, tools, and services, and boosts and extends SharePoint functionality.

With Nintex, DMS now has eliminated the paper-based processes that had been seriously impacting business productivity. Says Bladow, "Nintex Workflow has really changed the way we work; getting things done is so much easier now, and our business-critical data is more accurate and secure than before."

After deploying Nintex Workflow, capital expense approvals are approximately 85% faster and more streamlined, and stakeholders are assured that they have received all pertinent documentation upon which to base approvals. Now that patient log sheets have gone digital, privacy and data accuracy have both improved significantly - data input errors have, in fact, been completely eliminated. Asset tracking and fleet management has become easier and can be processed up to 50% more quickly.

Looking to the Future With Nintex

With Nintex Workflow, DMS has made significant gains in data security and accuracy, asset management, and approval routing. In fact, DMS is so pleased with Nintex products and services, says Bladow, that it also plans to migrate from Microsoft InfoPath (which is being phased out by Microsoft) to Nintex Forms in the coming year.

Nintex Workflow has really changed the way we work; getting things done is so much easier now, and our business-critical data is more accurate and secure than before.

Jeff Bladow
Systems Analyst
DMS Health Technologies

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DMS Health Technologies
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Business Situation
Paper-based processes were creating delays in productivity around core business functions.
Nintex Workflow eliminated the paper-based processes and has improved data security, asset tracking, and approval routing.
  • 85% faster approvals
  • Data errors eliminated
  • 50% faster asset management

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