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Canadian Engineering Firm Improves Client Services Through Better Information

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, BGC Engineering is an applied earth sciences company, providing consulting services to the mining, oil and gas, and transportation industries, among others. BGC’s staff of more than 280 operates from 11 offices across North and South America.

Manual Data Collection Slows Analysis and Reporting Processes

Manual data recording and processing is the norm in the engineering industry. Collecting information at many of the company’s remote project sites had its challenges due to lack of connectivity, so data had to be captured manually using field notes and paper forms. Standard laptops couldn’t stand up to job site use. When electronic devices were needed in the field, the company utilized Toughbooks, which are designed to withstand rough conditions and extreme environments.

BGC insists on the highest-quality data to inform the recommendations it provides to clients – recommendations that have earned BGC its reputation for unparalleled excellence in engineering services. Unfortunately, obtaining high-quality information in the traditional data-collection model is expensive, as it often requires significant effort to eliminate transcription errors and missing data.

“BGC’s focus is always on collecting the right data to deliver the expert consultation that our clients require,” says Clint Logue, Senior Geotechnical Engineer and Director of IT at BGC Engineering. ”However, we are also always looking for ways to make our processes more efficient and cost-effective for our clients.”

In order to improve data collection efficiency for multiple large-scale projects and keep onsite engineers focused on high-value strategic efforts, BGC needed a solution that would extend its SharePoint investment and optimize its field processes.

Nintex Keeps Work Flowing, Even Without Connectivity

Working with its partner Dynamic Owl, a Vancouver-based IT consulting firm specializing in solutions and strategies for Microsoft SharePoint, BGC found a way to make the most of its engineers’ time in the field, reducing the need for significant data vetting and corresponding site visits. With a solution based upon Nintex Mobile, Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow, BGC extended its process automation to include data capture in remote field locations. Nintex Mobile gave BGC users anytime, anywhere access to dynamic workflows and forms, eliminated paper-based processes through mobile data capture, and enabled engineers to initiate processes in the field and receive feedback from the office in real time.

“Having the flexibility of mobile forms is really important for us,” says Annie Ruksys, Geological Engineer at BGC. “When it comes to the data I deliver, I constantly get questions like, ‘Are you sure?’ and with Nintex, I can honestly say, ‘Yes I am.’ Having these tools available gives me confidence in the information I’m collecting.”

The Nintex solution also enables users in the field to quickly and easily create or change forms on the fly—a bonus for engineers working in remote locations.

“Having all of my forms available on my device has really helped accelerate the process of gathering information when I’m in the field,” says Ruksys. “It makes my job easier knowing that I can just enter the data, and it is sent automatically once a connection is available.”

According to Logue, consistency of information is paramount.

“If I can’t rely on the information, then I can’t look my client in the eye and tell them that their dam is built the way it’s supposed to be—that it’ll perform as intended,” says Logue. “Nintex reliably gives us what we need faster, so we can deliver on time and on budget.”

Being able to operate as a team—regardless of geographical location—is part of the BGC culture, and Nintex helps support that model.

“At BGC, we have a one-team attitude,” says Logue. “We have a number of offices across a several continents, but we all function as one team. Nintex gives us the ability to be agile and to share information easily regardless of location, and that really makes us special in our industry.”

Easy Data Gathering With Nintex Mobile

Today’s mobile technology is powerful, and Nintex Mobile leverages the power of the platform. Nintex Mobile apps deliver technology that redefines the concept of “end-to-end processes,” enabling BGC to extend process automation and support remote field data gathering, while dramatically reducing cycles, shortening the process overall. BGC now has support for geospatial data, integration with its GIS mapping applications, metadata tagging and approval routing, and the ability to include rich media such as photos and video infield reports.

Utilizing Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow, Nintex Mobile allowed BGC to create and deploy an integrated solution that empowered its ever-mobile workforce, and made the most of the company’s existing IT investments. BGC was also able to leverage familiar consumer hardware and take advantage of existing IT investments in Nintex and SharePoint, increasing ROI.

“The Nintex solution came in at a fraction of the cost of an off-the-shelf or custom solution, and it delivered immense and immediate value,” says Logue. “We really couldn’t have made a better choice.”

Nintex enables us to maintain the quality of our work while keeping our processes appealing to employees and applicants.

Clint Logue
Senior Geological Engineer
BGC Engineering

BGC Engineering Inc.
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Professional Services
Business Situation
BGC needed a mobile solution that reduced the need for multiple customer site visits and redundant data gathering to optimize its field information capture and customer reporting processes.
BGC chose Nintex Workflow, Nintex Forms and Nintex Mobile to streamline its customer data gathering and reporting processes, and to deliver services faster.
  • Saved $30,000 in reporting costs
  • Redeployment of $45,000 in data entry costs
  • Lowered hardware costs by 80%
  • Decreased time to results by three weeks
  • Fast ROI

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BGC Engineering

Dynamic Owl Helps BGC Enhance Processes with Nintex

BGC Engineering Inc. has developed a worldwide reputation for providing excellent services in applied earth sciences to its clients. The firm wanted to evolve its business processes in a flexible and robust application, without the investment of custom coding. BGC deployed Nintex Workflow, Nintex Forms and Nintex Live to automate internal processes and provide greater insight for employees. The solution has enabled BGC to speed activities and increase utilization rates while maintaining the high standards for quality its customers expect.

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