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Nintex products have been sold to companies and organizations worldwide, including many Fortune 500 companies and well known global brands. View written testimonials from Nintex customers and Microsoft from across the globe.

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What they are saying about us...

Abbotsleigh School

Warwick Noble

Director of Information and Technology

Nintex Workflow has enabled us to be more responsive to the development needs of the organisation. Development time on many jobs has been greatly reduced, providing us with improved flexibility and efficiency in the time it takes to get from scope to production. In many ways it is like having another developer.

BMD Group

Ivan Dormain

Senior Systems Developer

The BMD Group has been using Nintex Workflow for some time now and we have found the product to be an easy, intuitive means of creating SharePoint workflows. The drag and drop functionality along with the integration capabilities have greatly enhanced our workflows and have enabled us to develop them in a timely manner, saving us effort. Nintex continues to expand their product range and have always been willing to listen to their customers and provide good quality customer service when required. The BMD Group will continue to use the Nintex Workflow product now and in the future.


Eric Mases

Service Maintenance Lead

In this interview with Eric Mases, Service Maintenance Lead at Carlsberg Group, the fourth largest brewery in the world, Eric details why they turned to Nintex for their global approval process for all of their capital expenditures. Having used SharePoint for a lot of processes already, the Carlsberg Group turned to Nintex to assist the business in putting more processes into SharePoint. Carlsberg Group has not only used Nintex for larger processes, but also for more ad-hoc tasks which Eric thinks “has brought us value because we can quickly start to create workflow support for the business processes”. Eric found the benefits of using Nintex were the “quickness” and “being able to control the standards”. When describing Nintex in one word, Eric used ‘modern’.

Digital Dimension

Ben Girard


From administrative to production functions, practically 100% of our organization is supported by Nintex workflow technology. We even integrated PowerShell in our workflows. It’s our business Swiss Army Knife. Nintex Workflows 2010 new features such as the Site Workflows and UI streamlining will increase our ability to deliver additional and impactful value to employees and clients alike.

Georgia Department of Transportation

Jeff Roberts

SharePoint Architect

I am proud to tell all who will listen, Nintex has the best workflow product available. It’s also sold, developed, and supported by a great bunch of people. I consider it to be one of the best investments that we’ve made to go with SharePoint. And, we plan on buying more licenses and upgrading to the Enterprise version in the near future.

Holland and Knight

Malay Shah

IT Web Manager,

Our Office SharePoint Server 2007 environment and Nintex Workflow 2007 have helped us streamline processes many times over.


Piotr Prussak

VP Application Development

We've been using Nintex Workflow 2007 for more than three years now, and are looking to upgrade to Nintex Workflow 2010 after testing it in beta. Nintex Workflow is a great productivity tool for SharePoint, and has allowed us to build complex, yet configurable workflows - offering the simplicity of Office and productivity of Visual Studio. Nintex Workflow is Revlon’s world-wide tool for SharePoint workflow spanning multiple departments and teams.

Honeywell Specialty Materials

Eric Mortenson

Chemical Production Engineer

Keep making a great product! I really think Nintex Workflow is a game changer for how companies do business. Thanks for having the vision to make it a reality!


Ekaterina Sumerkina

Head of Legal

Using Nintex Workflow we can now make changes to processes quickly and easily - it doesn’t require any knowledge of programming. Everything just moves so much faster. This has made such a difference in the Legal Department that the company is planning to extend Nintex Workflow to other core business processes within the company.

Heerema Marine Contractors

James Soulsby

Intranet Co-ordinator

Nintex Workflow 2007 is the workflow tool Microsoft should have packaged in with MOSS 2007. We describe it internally as Visio for SharePoint workflows and built into the SharePoint interface. Do not consider MOSS without it.


Gabor Fari

Life Sciences Solutions Strategist

Nintex Workflow is one of the great examples of how some of our great partners are able to enrich the SharePoint eco-system by delivering a visual non-programming design interface running on Windows Workflow Foundation. This application lowers the barriers to SharePoint adoption by enabling customers to automate many complex business processes, without needing to hire additional developers. It also promotes SharePoint for applications where in the past customers might have considered some of the high-end legacy ECM applications, effectively helping to move SharePoint higher on the enterprise adoption curve. Nintex helps us to compete much more effectively in the ECM space and displace the complex and expensive legacy applications.


Arpan Shah

Director of Product Management for Project

Nintex Workflow for Project Server allows project managers to customize and extend workflows without writing custom code. We’re excited to see this help Project 2010 customers and partners!


Chris Crane

Project and Visio Product Marketing

Built to extend Project Server 2010 and SharePoint 2010, Nintex Workflow for Project Server 2010 helps streamline portfolio governance and project lifecycle management, without writing custom code.


Angus Logan

Technology Specialist (Office Platform)

Nintex Workflow 2007 allows business users to harness the power of SharePoint 2007 technologies without specialist skills. My favourite feature is “LazyApproval” where a person can approve work items via email.


Ian Craig

Chief Information Officer

After evaluation YMCA decided to purchase Nintex Workflow 2007 Enterprise Edition based on the fact it fitted our requirements exactly, plus as a packaged solution was reputable, could be quickly implemented and was very cost effective.


Aaron Harch

Infrastructure Manager

With Nintex Workflow 2007, Citect has been able to realize quick, cost effective measures that give tangible benefits to the company. Nintex Workflow 2007 is incredibly easy to use and many of our users were able to get workflows up and running in minutes.


Tom Rizzo

Director, SharePoint Technologies

Nintex is focused on helping business streamline business processes and derive more value from their information assets…Together with the innovations in Office SharePoint Server 2007, Nintex customers will be able to realize greater value from their Microsoft investments.

First American

Deborah Leveranz

Sr. Web Analyst/SharePoint Administrator

Since 2005 First American has found Nintex to consistently deliver good customer service – prompt, personal and helpful response to any inquiry. With the development of Nintex Workflow 2007, Nintex continues to be a leader in extending the value of SharePoint technologies.


Nintex Workflow Solutions Showcase

This showcase describes some of the dramatic workflow solutions our partners have implemented and gives customers some great examples of what Nintex Workflow can do in the real world.

Case Studies

DMS Health Technologies provides medical equipment and diagnostic imaging services to the healthcare industry. Their paper-based processes were creating delays in productivity around core business functions. Read how Nintex Workflow provided 85% faster approvals, helped eliminate paper-based processes and improved data security, asset tracking, and approval routing.


Klinikum Wels-Grieskirchen Hospital, which cares for more than 75,000 patients every year, needed modern business management software to help track and provide visibility into projects. Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms helped speed up internal processes, simplify collaboration throughout the company, and increase productivity in all departments.


A global leader in specialty chemical supply, Buckman’s email-based manual processes slowed purchasing & caused backlogs in employee inboxes, resulting in procurement delays of up to 5 weeks. Read how Nintex helped Buckman automate its procurement workflows & speed up processes by more than 90%.


KupiVip is a members-only online fashion retailer which sells fashion and accessories from designers such as Prada, Gucci, and Giorgio Armani. Read how Nintex Workflow enabled KupiVip’s legal department to design workflows that resulted in 90% faster approval, and document archives that enable managers to access and monitor files as they move through approval.


MAN Diesel & Turbo’s workflow solution was prone to failure, and repairs required intervention from a team offsite. The company needed a workflow solution that was less complex, and that could help reduce overhead. Nintex helped increase business productivity by 55%, improve customer service by 30% and reduce costs by 15%.


The Doe Run Company needed help automating many of the Project Management Organization (PMO) functions that were being performed manually and with spreadsheets. Nintex partner Innovative-e, assessed the situation and helped the customer implement a Business-Critical SharePoint (BCSP) solution that included Nintex Workflow.


Copenhagen-based University College (UCC) found that manual, paperbased workflows were taking increasing amounts of time, creating a risk that UCC might not be able to meet its budget and efficiency goals. The institution urgently needed to resolve the situation but lacked the extensive budget and skilled resources to allocate toward resolving the problem, so it turned to Nintex.


SMA Solar Technology wanted to achieve more flexibility, and being able to easily create and use customized processes was going to be key to improving productivity, and managing overhead costs. See how Nintex Workflow for Project Server provided a flexible workflow model that allowed the company to more easily adapt when project complexities arose.


GBM Minerals Engineering Consultants Limited designs and manages the construction of minerals extraction plants and requires strict attention to document management for proper project execution. The firm worked with PointBeyond to deploy Nintex Workflow 2010 for customizable, automated document tracking and approval. As a result, GBM has boosted engineering productivity and quality and improved transparency for greater client satisfaction.


The Public Administration of the Principality of Liechtenstein sought to automate certain business processes to be more responsive to the public, increase employee productivity, and conserve financial resources. The Public Administration invested in Nintex Workflow and dox42 document automation to address those needs. It now as a flexible, affordable business process–automation solution that it is using to effectively streamline operations.


Employees at United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Bangladesh spent hours each week handling operational processes. To promote greater efficiency, the organization adopted Nintex Workflow 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 so it could quickly develop customized workflows to automate its manual processes. UNDP Bangladesh now is making the most of its resources and estimates a savings of up to 5,000 hours a year, enabling it to better support its vital efforts to improve the social and economic development of Bangladesh.


BGC Engineering Inc. has developed a worldwide reputation for providing excellent services in applied earth sciences to its clients. The firm wanted to evolve its business processes in a flexible and robust application, without the investment of custom coding. BGC deployed Nintex Workflow, Nintex Forms and Nintex Live to automate internal processes and provide greater insight for employees. The solution has enabled BGC to speed activities and increase utilization rates while maintaining the high standards for quality its customers expect.


Upper Chesapeake Health (UCH) wanted to streamline operations to ensure continued high-quality patient care while growing the organization. UCH added Nintex Workflow 2010 to its Microsoft SharePoint Server environment so it could easily create automated workflow processes.


Australia's largest private construction company, Hansen Yuncken, has invested in the future with an innovative new platform to deliver real-time data analysis through a SharePoint platform being rolled out to over 800 staff nationally. Through the use of Nintex Workflow, forms have now been streamlined, process automated and a flexible approval workflow was designed.


FEGRO/SELGROS is a leading self-service “cash and carry” wholesaler with more than 10,000 employees and 80 wholesale warehouses. Wanting to automate its paper-based processes it turned to Nintex partner Fritz & Macziol to apply Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow to build a system to update the company’s standard operating procedures with enforced reviews and approvals to provide greater transparency and improve efficiency.


BC Ferries worked with partner itgroove to implement an automated approval and publishing system based on Nintex Workflow, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.


IPI GmbH, a Nintex partner, introduced into Bender a SharePoint 2010 based collaboration environment with Nintex Workflow 2010 to both capture employee knowledge and automate processes traditionally done via paper forms.


In order to become more globally competitive, improve communications across the group and save costs, Toshiba searched for an alternative to the Lotus Notes groupware it had been using for 15 years. Toshiba decided on a group-wide deployment of Microsoft Office products and Nintex Workflow to create an environment that covered all of the previous workflow functions and provided additional features.

View the Microsoft Case Study here


The Revlon IT department wanted a way to reduce the number of meetings, make it easier to share project plans, and enhance collaboration between developers and project managers. Revlon IT simplified data exchange by implementing a number of Microsoft products and will further enhance its project management by adding Nintex Workflow for Project Server.

View the Microsoft Case Study here


Nintex received requests from customers to add web services to its on-premises Nintex Workflow 2010 application. Nintex responded by developing a catalog of web services (Nintex Live) that customers can access and use to run web services as part of the workflows they create.Nintex chose to develop Nintex Live on the Windows Azure platform as it wanted a cloud platform that offered service management.



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