Digital Transformation - On the Ground with Nintex

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October 06, 2016
Online Webinar


Webinar Description: Everyone is talking about digital transformation, but in many cases it's become just another buzzword floating around. The question remains: how can an organisation cope with the influx of consumer apps, mobility, and the demands of customers in the digital world?

Join Nintex and New Horizons for this session to see what digital transformation really looks like in practice. Specifically, we'll be demonstrating how you can use Nintex to automate critical business processes. You'll learn about some awesome things like workflow, online forms, mobility, electronic signatures, and how to measure ROI.

if you're new to Nintex, you'll get a great introduction to the platform. If you have already seen Nintex in action, you'll learn some new features and best practices. Register now for the webinar!