Stress-Free Onboarding with SharePoint and Nintex


September 07, 2016
Online Webinar


Onboarding newly hired employees can be a tricky process, and whether or not you already have an HRIS system in place, you’re probably lacking in functionality to make onboarding an easy process. This could leave new hires sitting at empty desks, missing needed equipment, or lacking access to systems they need to begin working their very first day. With SharePoint and Nintex, you can add workflow and document management to your onboarding process, ensuring that new hires can be on-boarded and ready to work on day one.

In this presentation, you will:
•Review Electronic Forms for

o New Hire Requests

o Task Updates

o Document Checklists

•Experience Workflows in Action for

o Task Assignments with Notifications

o New Employee Notifications

o Auto-updating of Checklist for Compliance

•Watch how visible the process can become for

o Work Queues

o Excel Service Dashboard